Monday, November 26, 2012

L is for . . . Leftover Turkey Casserole and Lavaca, AR

My good friend Marcy Crabtree @ BenandMe  hosts a weekly Blogging through the Alphabet series that we enjoy participating in each week. I am hosting for her this week as she visits her family in Lavaca, AR for the holiday.

 Check out her post " L is for Lavaca" here if you want to leave her a Happy Thanksgiving message! She'll be back soon with her reviews, App schooling tips, and helpful homeschool advice.

 If you don't know Marcy, you're gonna love her. She's  "down to earth" good people - I've had the privilege of knowing IRL for several years. She reached out to me, a stranger, when I was homeschooling alone in a different state. I needed help and information to get my boys on track while we worked our way through a tough year for our family. Her kindness and wisdom meant more than she knew. She has a heart for the Lord and a love for others. I'm fortunate to call her friend. 

At our house - L if for . . . Leftover Turkey Casserole 

If you have a ton of turkey leftover - or even just a cup or two - you can turn it into this cheesy 
deliciousness.  I don't know about you, but I can hardly look at another slice of turkey - but this is 
a whole other animal (or so to speak). 

Get the full recipe here - feel free to link up your own recipe posts - new link up starts tomorrow and repeats  every Tuesday with our Kids in the Kitchen link up. Older posts are fine - no kids required in post pictures- just good family recipes which encourage the family to get back to the table together.

L is for Leftover Turkey Casserole

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