Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wildlife Wednesday - Link up - More freebies with All about Crabs

I am honored to be joining forces with Creation Conversations and Kathy Balman @Kathy's Cluttered Mind
to bring you Wildlife Wednesday posts about nature with a giveaway and a link up for your nature posts -

Each month the kind folks @ Master Books  will be giving away a different book for Wildlife Wednesday
Each week Kathy or I will be bringing you a new post with pictures, information, and ideas for exploring God's beautiful creation with your family. Some weeks we will have interviews with authors of NLPG as well
Each week we will post the Linky for you to add your nature posts - which will in turn be added to the Master Books Pinterest board and shared! Look for the twitter hashtag #hswildlife

Don't miss out on great freebies - including unit studies and more - this week Kathy Balman offers her
wonderful bumble bee resources:

  • Bee coloring pages
  • Bee crafts 
  • Bee unit study 
  • And plenty of interesting information on the amazing bumble bee 
Join Creation Conversations and the Wildlife Wednesday group today for access to these freebies and more

Here's a peek at our families recent experience exploring God's creation: 

Florida Blue Crab 

Quick tip: 
Nature walks don't have to be an all day complicated event. We had errands to run last week, and on our way home we passed by a small park. It consisted of a parking lot and a pier for fishermen. At the last minute, we decided to check it out and we were glad we did. Our 15 minute adventure turned into a great experience and an opportunity to learn about one of God's Creatures.

Quick stop for a nature adventure - It works for me! 

In case you are missing it - that is a blue crab on the left and a tiny fiddler crab on the right! We enjoyed a quick stop at the pier, a little fresh air, and went home to learn more about crabs. 

Bible verse for studying God's creatures with your children: 

Psalm 104:25 

25 Here is the sea, great and wide,

which teems with creatures innumerable,

living things both small and great.

Crabs are benthos - living in the benthic zone which means the bottom layer of a body of water - such as a lake or, in our case, the Gulf of Mexico.  They play an important role in the food chain from both directions. They are often thought of as the "vultures of the sea" as they eat decaying plant and animal matter they find. 

For your homeschool: 
Marvels of Creation - Magnificent Mammals 

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