Monday, December 10, 2012

My Top 5 books for children - from Master Books

I've long been a fan of Master Books and  New Leaf Publishing because of the quality of 
materials they provide for families who are interested in  teaching the truth. 

It's been a huge blessing in our home and our homeschool to have these books and we keep them within easy reach at all times! 

The boys can give detailed information about animals and insects and they are developing a strong foundation of faith but learning about the science behind why we choose to believe in a Master Designer - a Creator - instead of evolution. 

They are learning to compare the information available through Creation scientists and the bible with what they find in most museums and educational programs. Contrast and compare is an important part of critical thinking. I believe it will serve them well in the future as  they head out into the world as young adults. 

  We often start our day by using this book as 
a devotional. I read a chapter - or part of a chapter - and we talk about it and pray together. It sets a wonderful tone for the day in our homeschool. It would also work well as a bed time story or any time you want to share solid biblical information in a fun way with your kids. It is meatier than most "children's bible stories" and if flexible for all ages. It works for my kindergartner, my 2nd grader, and my 6th grader equally. 

 This one has quickly become a family favorite. We love making observations out in nature and studying how animals have had such a strong effect on modern inventions - is an incredible eye opener. It has enriched our nature walks and taken our animal observation to a whole 'nother level. 

  The World of Animals and the World of Science are
 both extremely detailed books which are jam packed full of facts and information. We use
 them regularly to learn about creatures we are studying. Every home with children can benefit 
greatly by adding these to the home library. When I say jam packed full of information - I do not exaggerate. It has wonderful illustrations the kids will enjoy and they love learning more about animals. It's one of those books that will have them saying ,"Did you know. . . . ?" 

The Complete Zoo Adventure I'm a Gary and Mary Parker fan from way back. 
They are a brilliant couple of scientists who have dedicated their life to sharing creation with others. This book is a complete field trip in a book - it can be used alone or in conjunction with an actual trip to the zoo. 

The Genius of Ancient Man  The Genius of Ancient Man is one of my favorites. It is geared towards a more mature reader but I found a way to use it in our homeschool even for the younger ones.  A middle or high school student could benefit greatly from this book. It is working well as a read aloud in our home and I have the boys draw and paint examples (from the book) such as the Egyptian Pyramids, ancient tools in agriculture, and Stonehenge.  See how we've been doing that here. 

Any of these titles - or other books from Master Books will make wonderful gifts for your family or others you care about. I am always impressed by the quality of the books I receive from them. I receive a free copy of each book I review for them in order to share my honest opinion with you. There are no affiliate links in this post. The opinions are my own. 

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