Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kids in the Kitchen - Letter of the week system

I join forces with my good friend Carrie @YoungLivingOilLady each week
to bring you this family friendly recipe link up. It is our desire to encourage
families to cook and eat together. Meals cooked at home are healthier, and time
spent together in the kitchen is good for families!

We use Cooking 101 as part of our family homeschool. I’m teaching the boys to
put together healthy family meals, life skills, and budgeting, as well as teaching them tips for cooking in the kitchen. We encourage real food vs. processed food. Let’s bring the family, back to the table!

Tip of the week: 

One of the things we do in our homeschool is follow a "Letter of the week" formula. We then study  various things that go along with that letter - including geography. When this picture was taken, we were "in" Italy. I had the boys pull out different ingredients from the pantry that they felt went along with an Italian meal. We made lasagna that week. 

While we cooked - we used funny Italian accents and even learned a few real words in Italian. I read about Italy and the boys stirred up ingredients while they listened and learned. 

This has been a recipe for success in our homeschool. We love incorporating food from the places we study and learning more about the people who live there. 

Join us by linking up your favorite family recipes or tips for cooking with kids! Grab a button from below, on my side bar, or use a text link back to Adventurez. Please visit another participant or more to help encourage each other. I’ll be visiting and Pinning away on our Kids in the Kitchen Pinterest board here. It’s a wonderful resource for finding yummy recipes the whole family will love. Enjoy your time in the kitchen this week!

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k balman said...

Love it. We had a blast with our Christmas around the World recipes! We are actually studying Australia now and going to attempt to make pavlova.