Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Homeschool - Letter of the week . . . Dd

In our homeschool . . . 

       Dd is for . . . DIG - as in archaeological dig: 
        We went on a field trip to Historical Spanish Point where we learned all about archaeology 
        and the early people - the Calusa Indians - who lived here before us. 
        The boys learned the difference between "ancient things" and "ancient artifacts" 

 The gardens at Historic Spanish Point are delightful . . . we walked the grounds all day 

      Dd is for . . . Dominican Republic 

Our homeschool week - We have been inspired by Marcy @ Ben and Me  to follow a letter of the week theme in our family homeschool. I've made mini unit studies to share with you. They include Bible, handwriting, geography, science, history, and spelling. Please only share the link to this post and not to the free download itself. From our homeschool to yours:

Dd is for . . . 

click on the pic above for your free unit study on Dd 

D is for (Geography) - Dominican Republic
             (Science) - Dolphin, Dugong, Dragonfly, Dhole
             (History) - Davy Crockett  and  Franklin D Roosevelt in the Great Depression
             (Spelling) - D words

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