Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday - E is for . . . Echinoderms

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Starfish, and urchins, and sand dollars - oh my! The echinoderm family is one of our favorites. 

Scientific classification info-  

Kingdom:   Animalia
Subkingdom:    Eumetazoa
Superphylum:   Deuterostomia
Phylum:   Echinodermata

Starfish, sea urchins, and sand dollars are a few of the more familiar echinoderms you’ll find living on the sea floor, you won’t find them in fresh water. There are about 6000 different species of echinoderms.
They are “spiny- skinned” invertebrates, which is what echinoderm means. They have a hard endoskeleton made of calcium carbonate which helps to protect them, like a natural armor.

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