Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday - Nature post linky

I participate each Wednesday with Kathy Balman @Kathy's Cluttered Mind andMaster Books at Creation Conversations to bring you Wildlife Wednesday. We share our adventures in nature and information about encounters with God's beautiful creation.

This week: 
The Beneficial Bat 

         Bats ... at FL Caverns - we learned they are extremely helpful for the environment & for our health #homeschool #hswildlife  #homeschool lessons from the road #spelunking #hswildlife

Bats are the only mammal that truly flies. They make their homes in places around the world, except the Antarctica and desert regions. There are about 1000 different species of bats, most living in tropical climates. 

Do you know what you call a bat baby? A pup! See, isn't that cute? Bats aren't the scary monsters we sometimes think they are. Bats are necessary and also extremely beneficial to humans.

Go Here to read the rest of the article and find out which myths we've been taught to believe about bats aren't  true and share the information about Bats God created with your kids.

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