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5 days of Summer . . . Adventure for boys: the benefits of outdoor play

I'm joining Sarah Robinson of  Sidetracked Sarah and the team of the "5 days of series" to talk about various topics under the heading 5daysof summer . . . The topics range from summer recipes, games, and crafts for the kids to 5 days of summer . . . for Mom (and everything fun in between). Beginning June 17 - 21 we will be blogging about all things summer.  My topic of choice is 5 days of summer . . . adventure for boys. The specific titles are listed below. I do hope you will follow along to be encouraged, inspired and to get ideas for a summer full of adventure! 

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Time in the great outdoors has been shown to increase creativity, improve social skills, and concentration in both children and adults. Running, jumping, climbing and playing are all exercises that may release soothing endorphins which promote healthier sleep habits and create happier children. 

Kids who have a tendency to be hyper active or who have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can benefit greatly from the stress release from outdoor adventures. Outside play is good for body, mind, and soul. 

Getting dirty is good for kids! Although there is a time and a place for cleanliness, studies have shown that children who live in "ultra-clean" environments have a tendency to get sick easier; while kids who have an ongoing relationship with dirt and nature actually develop stronger immune systems. By being exposed to small amounts of natural bacteria in the great outdoors, our children are building up a protective barrier against more serious bacteria in the future. Certainly, common sense should apply. Children need to be bathed and nails scrubbed after making mud pies, but the benefits of letting them get dirty far outweigh the bad.

Kids who are allowed to get dirty regularly while playing outside, are happier and more well-rounded. A simple activity such as catching tad-poles creates a sense of pride and accomplishment in them. They can learn a tremendous amount as they explore the world around them. They become more connected to nature, grounded in who they are. and closer to their Creator as they investigate the natural world.

JM Cremp's Adventure Store for Boys has all sorts of wonderful outdoor gear to get your little men suited up for most any kind of adventure. My boys ADORE the JMCremps store and I have a hard time pulling them away from there at the homeschool conventions.

They have equipment for treasure hunting (metal detectors), zip lines, bows and arrows, army surplus tents, genuine metal helmets and all sorts of goodies that make little boys hearts go "pitter-patter". They have books and games to help you plan adventures and for survival training.

You don't have to spend a fortune to have a big adventure - but it does help to get some gear. I'll be going over  more of the basics and providing you with several printable family camping and outdoor adventure checklists this week; everything you need to plan for an adventurous summer with the boys!

The series: 
This Summer Series is brought to you by 12 lovely bloggers.  You’ll be seeing a wide assortment of topics.  From Camping tips to Summer Salads and Summer Organizing.  You will not want to miss the great posts from this team of bloggers.  And, to top it all off, we’ve got a fun giveaway for $80 in cash that you can enter to win!  The winner will be chosen at the end of the week. That will add to your summer adventure for sure. 
5 days of Summer . . . 

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