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5 days of Summer . . . Adventure for boys: Getting out with little ones

I'm joining Sarah Robinson of  Sidetracked Sarah and the team of the "5 days of series" to talk about various topics under the heading 5daysof summer . . . The topics range from summer recipes, games, and crafts for the kids to 5 days of summer . . . for Mom (and everything fun in between). Beginning June 17 - 21 we will be blogging about all things summer.  My topic of choice is 5 days of summer . . . adventure for boys. The specific titles are listed below. I do hope you will follow along to be encouraged, inspired and to get ideas for a summer full of adventure! 

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Getting started with little ones 

Moms tell me all the time "I'm just not outdoorsy". But, getting out for adventure with your boys doesn't have to be an extreme sport. Nature walks are a great place to start.

You can make it more exciting by calling it an "adventure hike"  an "exploration" or an "excursion".
My boys love to carry a backpack with a water bottle, binoculars, field journal and snacks. They always look for a special hiking stick as part of the fun on our adventures.

Start them young and teach them to keep a sharp look out for wildlife to enjoy. Use over exaggerated movements and whispering voices to teach them to walk softly and speak quietly out in nature. This is your best shot at being able to view special animals in creation.

Take time to notice the details. God's fingerprints are everywhere in nature. If you slow down and look carefully, you will see the hand of the Divine Designer on His wondrous creation. 

Summertime Adventures for Boys and the Family -from JMCremps has loads of supplies for backyard fun, beach toys, metal detecting (e.g. "treasure hunting"). It is fun to spice things up a bit and add special gear for your adventures when possible. But, a quiet walk  hike in the woods, an adventurous spirit, and an eye for detail is all it really takes.

You never know what adventure a bike ride down the local nature trail my bring. 
These Florida Scrub Jays (which are protected) just flew up and landed on our hat, hand, and bikes when we stopped for a water break. It was an amazing experience and an adventure memory we cherish. Remember, don't feed the wildlife. It is imperative for their own safety and sometimes yours. We would not have been touching these birds, except that they just flew up and landed right on us. Exciting stuff! 

You don't have to go far for some big adventure. Start small in your own yard or neighborhood park. But, be sure to get outside this summer and make special memories. Your boys will thank you! 


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