Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday: Close encounters (a little too close)

I participate on Wednesday with Kathy Balman @Kathy's Cluttered Mind and Master Books at Creation Conversations to bring you Wildlife Wednesday. We share our adventures in nature and information about encounters with God's beautiful creation.

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This week:

Our friendly neighborhood gopher tortoise paid us another visit. This time he actually got in the house. He's been trying for quite awhile (kidd you not). He came up onto our back porch and scratched at the glass door (again) and then walked on down the patio.

I went out to take his picture and shoo him off my porch. I squatted down to take his picture . . . and he charged right at me - past me and right into the house! I was so shocked, I couldn't hardly get out of his way. I was tripping over myself to keep from stepping on him.

My son grabbed him for me and put him out. He'd been digging in the yard. You can see all the dirt on his back. I think he just decided he'd had enough and wanted in the "ready made" house. I am not sure why he isn't afraid.

It is not the first time he has paid us a visit. But, it is the first time, and hopefully the last time he actually got in the house!

We love our nature studies, but next time we'll study with the door shut. We always love exploring God's Creation - and that is working for us. I just have to remember wildlife is NOT predictable, and if a tortoise is scratching at the door like he wants to come in . . . he does!

Real Life opportunities like this are not to be missed. We take full advantage of them and dig in to our studies to learn more about the creatures we find on our adventures. This one found us!
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Free wildlife resources:

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Kathy @Kathy'sClutteredMind has written a beautiful post all about spring and summer babies you'll not want to miss. Our summer baby was a baby gopher tortoise. As always - Kathy has wonderful freebies for your homeschool included!

Our baby:

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