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Homeschooling multiple ages - our curriculum choices for the boys in 2013

I am thrilled about our curriculum for the boys this year. Although we do slow to a snails pace for the summer, we actually school year round. We have some more upcoming travel plans for the family which will offer a terrific break & return to officially kick off our new school year.

As you may know, we spend a great deal of time schooling outdoors and taking our cue from nature. We also include "sit down" time and do a good bit of our school time together as a group.

Homeschooling also offers the opportunity for me to work one on one with each of my boys in the areas where they need individual attention.

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In the 2013-2014 school year, we will have one boy in the 1st - 2nd grade, one boy in the 3rd grade, and another in Jr. High. Each of our boys are gifted in some areas. One has special needs and has struggled greatly with reading. 
It is my goal to provide a Christ based, well-rounded curriculum that allows for them to pursue individual interests while preparing them to compete globally later in life. I want to focus on teaching them "how to think" vs "what to think" while not missing out on the important details of what they need to know. 
Piece of cake - right? I believe that with the right curriculum, support and input from a network of other homeschool moms (like you), and by praying my way through each day - we will continue to set and achieve our goals. 

I hope that sharing some of our favorite resources will help you chart your own course for a successful homeschool year.

Our 2013- 2014 Curricula : 

Bible  -
We are currently working our way through the Awana Homeschool Kits  -  we have the 1st grade, 2nd grade & the middle school programs. 
* We will continue:  Who Is God? (And Can I Really Know Him?) -- Biblical Worldview of God and Truth (What We Believe, Volume 1)
* We enjoy & will continue to use various books from Master Books such as these: 
N is for Noah (Biblically Based Classics) (they provide wonderful coloring pages to keep my busy little artist busy while I read through the lesson too) 

Math - I am SO happy we have found the A+ Interactive math curriculum! It is a huge relief for me to know that they are getting a comprehensive program. It does the teaching for me, yet I can be as involved as I want to be. They have online lessons - printable worksheets and tests, even hard copy of workbooks. They also have cd software. There is a $12 per month plan with no contract. Everything we need! 

Science - We are still working on our Apologia Swimming Creatures, when we finish we will move to Flying Creatures. We work on this together and the boys have various assignments to do depending on age and ability. We also use the notebooking resources. (yes, we did those backwards) 
Our outdoor nature studies will continue. 

History -  US History and Geography - We love our Paths of Settlement  - It is the backbone of our homeschool studies! We have all the books that go with it and are slowly working our way through it. We LOVE the "Eat Your Way Through the USA" and "Eat Your Way Around the World" & use "Geography through Art" as well. 

World Geography - We love following a "letter of the week" format in our homeschool studies. We look for countries to fit the bill and stick to one continent at a time. We are excited about our new Biblical Worldview - Children's Atlas of God's World-  from Master Books & will be digging into it soon. 

We do as much of our school together as possible. History, Geography, Bible & then I work one on one with the boys on their reading & math. So thankful the math program with A+ is able to do the teaching for me this year - as it will free up some time, give me confidence in a subject that I am not so strong in & foster independent learning in my boys!

We do our art & nature studies together. My oldest helps sometimes with the younger ones & does some of our read alouds. Our middle boy is now stepping into a role where he is able to help his younger brother more as well.

All in all - we are looking forward to a wonderful year of adventure as we explore God's creation!
Please let me know if you have questions or need help deciding what curriculum choice is right for your family. I am happy to share my experience with you and to mentor - especially if you are brand new to the homeschooling adventure!

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